House B

Apartment B1, named "Sappho"
is the lower apartment.

kitchen with fridge, oven with three hobs and single bed.

double bed.

double bed.

traditional plate rack, oven with 3 electrical cooking plates, single bed and bench.

view from inside out.

bathroom with shower and sliding pole

and washbasin

Also in the evening with candlelight it's a lovely place to sit.

View of the mountain village Manolates and Mount Lazarus.

View of the green Nightingale Valley and Mount Lazarus.

spacious terrace in front of the house.

Apartment B2, named "Aphrodite"
is the upper apartment.

mount Lazarus with it's top in the clouds.

mount Lazarus in the evening sun.

view of the Nightgale Valley and the mountain village Manolates.

A spacious living room and on the right hand side you can see the entrance to the bathroom and next to it the wardrobe and two windows that overlook the Nightingale Valley.

Sideboard with bookcase, a large double bed with a loft above it.

A spacious kitchen with traditional plate rack and an oven with three hot plates.